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EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 1

WordPress Virtual Occasion Calendar Plugin

EventON Occasion Calendar for WordPress is a fantastically crafted event calendar that provides events in a minimal litter-free originate. We scheme cease pride in designing EventON to withstand most well liked originate trends within the alternate.

EventON comes full of 200+ helpful aspects equivalent to highly customizable repeating events, extra than one event photos, unlimited event creation, diversified calendar structure designs, event locations and organizers, and advance aspects admire multi data kinds and language corresponding events and and a lot others. All of this comes packed within the #1 most attention-grabbing promoting Occasion Calendar at codecanyon!

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 2
EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 3

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 4

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 5

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 6

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 7

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 8

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 9

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 10

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 11

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 12

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 13

Thrilling Aspects of EventON

  • Supports single and additional than sometime events
  • Save single day events
  • Save events without cease day or time
  • Save all day events
  • Replica events in wp-admin
  • Exclude sure events from calendar
  • Span events except cease time whereas hiding cease time
  • Place event goal characterize
  • Place goal by latitude longitude
  • Save locations and re-use them for events
  • Place event organizer contact data
  • Save event organizer for re-the use of in events
  • Learn extra regarding the event link make stronger
  • Varied alternatives for a manner a particular person can work alongside with event
  • Utilize long-established time and date structure thru your web page
  • Schema SEO squawk make stronger for calendar events
  • Skill to auto archive past events
  • Without concerns add custom CSS styles by skill of eventON Settings
  • Customize calendar month/one year structure
  • Customize calendar date and time codecs
  • Skill to reset calendar appearance to default without concern
  • Skill to open eventCards on load
  • Enlighten upcoming events listing by months
  • Pre-goal calendar event remark ASC/DESC
  • Enlighten featured events above others in calendar
  • Enlighten calendar with only featured events
  • Save calendars with featured photos on listing
  • Dynamic “load extra” pagination of events within the calendar
  • Enlighten calendar for sure mounted months
  • Skill to goal eventCard opening to act as accordion fashion
  • RTL make stronger – (factual-to-left textual squawk)
  • Enlighten a restrict preference of events month-to-month on the calendar
  • Classified events essentially based on custom taxonomies
  • Save calendars with only events from sure event classes
  • Fully customize the full data on event rows in calendar
  • Customize google maps interactive aspects equivalent to mouse scroll, zoom and a lot others.
  • AJAX pushed soft month to month navigation
  • Add calendar to your theme by skill of shortcode or PHP template mark
  • Integrated PayPal to settle for payments for events
  • Custom Language Textual squawk make stronger and contains POT file for additional customization
  • Place events to price at random remark
  • Enlighten events appropriate for logged-in users
  • Particular particular person email to accumulate payments by skill of paypal per event
  • Be sure custom fields only visible to admin or logged-in users
  • Prioritize month and one year long events above others
  • Add extra than one photos to an event
  • EventON diagnose and ambiance by skill of settings
  • Auto goal past events as full
  • Virtual event locations – 2.8.7
  • Varied Occasion disaster values – 2.8.7
  • Occasion attendance mode on-line or bodily – 2.8.7
  • Edit event disaster topic by skill of rapid edit and bulk edit functions – 2.8.9
  • Skill to disable jquery cell library from loading on web page – 2.8.9
  • Update event disaster by skill of bulk edit for event posts – 2.8.9
  • Gutenberg admire minded shortcode generator – 2.8.10
  • Integrated with zoom for creating meetings
  • Going down now calendar look – 3.0
  • Shortcode ux_val=3a open event cards as lightbox with squawk loaded by skill of ajax – 3.0
  • After digital event cease squawk to price at sure time – 3.0
  • Possibility to monitor tiemzone cost to the full events – 3.0
  • Local particular person time for events the use of second.js – 3.0
  • Possibility to disguise GMT cost on events – 3.0.2
  • Interactive repeat event setup – 3.0.6
  • Connected events accountable for event date – 3.0.8
  • WP_Query tips on how to saunter loading – 4.0
  • hide_cancels=’yes’ disguise all cancelled events – 4.0
  • digital event filters for filtering events – 4.0
  • Eventtop designer – 4.1
  • Link to single event web page from wherever in your web site by skill of shortcode – 4.1
  • Hourly repeat -4.1
  • Restrict single event web page only to logged-in users – 4.1
  • Cell particular particular person interaction – 4.2
  • sorting and filtering on search box – 4.2
  • Build extra than one organizers to an event – 4.2
  • Lightbox essentially based organizer extra details – 4.2
  • No event fragment customize to a link – 4.2
  • Repeat event url to make stronger recent repeat events – 4.3
  • Social share: whatsapp and reproduction event link – 4.3
  • AJAX essentially based event edit settings – 4.3

third Celebration Integrations

  • Font Awesome
  • Google maps API
  • Google fonts API
  • second.js
  • Elementor Widget
  • Gutenberg Block with EventON Shortcode Generator
  • Woocommerce
  • Zoom API
  • Paypal Customary
  • handlebars.js

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 14

EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 15
EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 16
EventON - WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin - 17

Swap log

= 4.5.4 (2023-11-14) =
FIXED: zoom error when api data is deleted
FIXED: move_ml_yl_to_top() no events error
FIXED: check_updates() from cron on evo_install
FIXED: organizer description HTML clearing out on establish
FIXED: twitter icon updated to X
FIXED: eventcard fragment title stripslashes
FIXED: jitsi script disabled in settings to no longer toddle wp_register_script() 
FIXED: get_timezone_array() to design motivate DST adjusted cases
FIXED: eventtop textual squawk color on lightbox to sync with settings colours
FIXED: hide_month_headers also hiding price extra events button

= 4.5.3 (2023-10-17) =
ADDED: repeat index number into custom repeat listing in event edit 
ADDED: design to no longer form custom repeats on Occasion edit custom repeat box
FIXED: eventon license validation error
FIXED: icon selector search no longer working
UPDATED: font honorable library to version 6.4.2

= 4.5.2 (2023-10-13) =
ADDED: environment to disable event link inside of description squawk for ICS file
ADDED: establish changes button to settings header
ADDED: world aspect panel settings for eventON admin aspect
ADDED: schedule look to make stronger event tags
FIXED: google scheme no longer exhibiting when tickets are enabled
FIXED: organizer secondary description html no longer outputting factual
FIXED: organizer archive web page to sync with event_type color override environment 
FIXED: organizer lightbox events to also sync with event_type color override
FIXED: language translate to strip out ! marks eventon-core-functions.php 1433
FIXED: ics download for non-public events when logged in
FIXED: live now event calculation errors
FIXED: digital events after event squawk sanitizing to sync with settings
FIXED: shortcode generator to price factual ux_val alternatives
FIXED: lightbox eventtop gradient no longer working
UPDATED: admin loading animation 
UPDATED: settings structure styles
UPDATED: yes no button to LTR
UPDATED: Get all events as CSV to use calendar get_all_event_data()

= 4.5.1 (2023-9-14) =
ADDED: original aspect panel essentially based icon selector
FIXED: outputting errors after sanitizing settings values
FIXED: switch one year long events to cease
FIXED: organizer click circulate attain nothing no longer exhibiting organizer names
FIXED: Settings color title exhibiting hex color
FIXED: Dwell progress bar color changes no longer reflecting on frontend
FIXED: icon selector
FIXED: eventtop topic values no longer processed factual in settings
UPDATED: healthcare squawk default color to evo_color_1

= 4.5 (2023-9-11) =
ADDED: zoom server to server OAuth connection
ADDED: original event tile fashion details subsequent to this level
ADDED: original event tile fashion bare minimal tile_style = 4
ADDED: custom eventtop data construction that can override default
ADDED: diagnose settings design to flush eventon arrangement log
ADDED: design to switch month and one year long events to the bottom of listing
ADDED: reset button for calendar search bar
ADDED: Elementor event title widget
ADDED: preliminary and tenative event disaster form alternatives
ADDED: single event shortcode to enable outputting appropriate event data values
ADDED: search topic to related events box on event edit 
ADDED: make stronger for secondary event color to create gradient event colours
ADDED: eventtop organizer click circulate configure environment in eventON settings > eventtop
FIXED: XSS vulnerability with digital event link topic
FIXED: XSS vulnerability eventon settigns custom login link topic
FIXED: evo ajax refresh_elm() goal reference error
FIXED: live now events countdown timer no longer working
FIXED: WPML recent language cost no longer passing the use of ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE from now on
FIXED: generate google scheme from the deal with event edit environment to use settings cost
FIXED: subtitle on lightbox window animated into same line as title
FIXED: tile styles
FIXED: related events to price ordered by event time on admin
FIXED: responsive styles for organizer lightbox
FIXED: add to cal topic exhibiting twice on eventcard
FIXED: empty box showing when google scheme api is no longer entered
FIXED: digital event predominant and after squawk factors
FIXED: for ux_val= 4 price href cost for 
FIXED: event edit healthcare manual yes no button alignment
UPDATED: event edit event disaster UI originate
UPDATED: settings styles
UPDATED: eventon arrangement log to use modular lightbox and ajax library
UPDATED: 2nd.js to 2.29.4

= 4.4.4 (2023-8-24) = 
FIXED: organizer name clicked on eventtop no longer loading anything else
FIXED: event archive pages structure styles
FIXED: open eventcard as lightbox by skill of ajax to use endpoint
FIXED: ux_val = 3a no longer working
FIXED: digital url no longer working
FIXED: schedule look ux_val 3a no longer loading event form override colours
FIXED: countdown timer and progress bar for live events to use event cease time unix
FIXED: archive pages structure and styles
FIXED: tiles look title no longer aligned with relaxation of tiles

= 4.4.3 (2023-7-20) =
FIXED: subtitle going into same line as title
FIXED: admin settings styles
FIXED: multi data form edit from web page no longer saving original data
FIXED: filter_hide_indicator no longer working

= 4.4.2 (2023-7-11) =
ADDED: appearance to ranking eventON predominant and secondary colours
FIXED: js evo_admin_get_ajax loading class names
FIXED: yes no button styles
FIXED: root css styles to ranking eventON predominant and secondary colours
FIXED: email share title special characters no longer decoded
UPDATED: yes no button styles
UPDATED: eventon language admin web page styles

= 4.4.1 (2023-7-10) =
ADDED: skill to disguise photos for releates events from event edit web page
FIXED: schedule look responsive styles
FIXED: happening now styles
FIXED: consist of any posts no longer working with event put up form validation
FIXED: long-established time structure no longer engaged on eventcard
FIXED: month-to-month repeat day of the week no longer saving factual
FIXED: original endpoint ajax call loading completely different squawk and breaking the calendar
FIXED: legacy lightbox cease button DOM form to span
FIXED: lightbox event progress bar timer no longer working
FIXED: lightbox events opened from organizer doesn't load scheme
FIXED: organizer events on lightbox no longer working event progress timer
FIXED: search no longer working with apostrophe
FIXED: utilized wp_send_json() in ajax results

= 4.4 (2023-6-9) =
ADDED: goal and organizer term ID on term edit web page create
ADDED: endpoint essentially based ajax call technique to saunter up ajax requests
ADDED: evo_slidedown_eventcard_complete goal off for single event box
ADDED: appearance settings to modify eventtop fly left border size
ADDED: make stronger for paunchy web site bettering subject matters
ADDED: skill to download every event as CSV data in event edit
FIXED: Automatic conversion of pretend to array class-calendar-helper.php on line 504
FIXED: accumulate directions no longer working when google maps API is disabled
FIXED: ux_val 3a no longer exhibiting google maps
FIXED: schedule look formatting
FIXED: share on whatsapp textual squawk translation
FIXED: addons web page lightbox title missing and completely different errors
FIXED: sure filter no longer working
FIXED: single event web page title textual squawk encoding
FIXED: download events as CSV special personality encoding
FIXED: download events as CSV event goal data error
FIXED: event organizer web page goal up characterize harmful cropping
FIXED: event edit web page be conscious message when no custom fields activated
FIXED: security vulnerability in eventon_ics_download
UPDATED: event organizer lightbox styles and code
UPDATED: admin welcome cloak originate and structure
UPDATED: cal_id cost no longer wished however gathered supported

= 4.3.5 (2023-4-10) =
ADDED: print_ligthbox_button factor
ADDED: design to disable custom meta topic sanitizing
ADDED: secondary organizer description topic to make stronger html squawk
FIXED: eventon aspects code errors
FIXED: widget arrow CSS error
FIXED: template loader no longer loading factual dinky one goal
FIXED: settings eventcard reward with div goal off factors when translated
FIXED: digital visible event cease time fix voice of affairs
FIXED: JSON LD goal with double quotes parsing
FIXED: multi data form characterize establish no longer working
FIXED: month_incre cost getting stripped of -/+ values with PHP variations
FIXED: shortcode generator going to inside of step on load
FIXED: minor time and goal icon cutoff in eventtop
FIXED: event custom meta topic saving twice
FIXED: event custom meta photos no longer saving
FIXED: organizer social media hyperlinks to open in original window
FIXED: removed empty button on organizer and goal event edit create
FIXED: organizer details lightbox no characterize squawk width
FIXED: eventtop title across structure voice of affairs
FIXED: organizer data opened from eventtop replacing previous opened lightbox squawk
UPDATED: eventon_functions.js
UPDATED: wp-admin lightbox originate and formatting
UPDATED: EVO_General_Elements() class with world dynamic button goal
UPDATED: lightbox cease button DOM factor to span from a
UPDATED: moved html squawk sanitize as an design to settings

= 4.3.4 (2023-2-16) =
FIXED: filter factors
FIXED: callback error on google maps
FIXED: javascript error on filter

= 4.3.3 (2023-2-15) = 
ADDED: environment to enable sanitize custom meta topic saving
FIXED: organizer description inside of div
FIXED: taxonomy establish description to use html sanitize
FIXED: custom meta topic ul no longer saving precisely
FIXED: custom meta topic cost in eventtop formatted with wp_kses()
FIXED: event edit meta box closed disaster no longer saving
FIXED: NOT filter no longer resetting motivate and completely different minor filter factors
FIXED: ux_val getting overridden after lightbox event open
FIXED: html squawk no longer saving for subtitle
FIXED: Moved custom meta fields into separate fragment
REMOVED: unsupported eventbrite language fields

= 4.3.2 (2023-2-2) =
FIXED: performer schema data disable option no longer passing cost factual
FIXED: minor schema errors
FIXED: Missing organizer url from JSON-LD schema data
FIXED: organizer archive web page exhibiting all social icons
FIXED: elementor shortcode no longer working
FIXED: custom meta topic wysiwyg topic no longer working
FIXED: orgnizer and performer schema giving errors
FIXED: elementor compatibility
FIXED: custom meta topic squawk formating
UPDATED: licenses web page originate 

= 4.3.1 (2023-1-19) = 
ADDED: settings to enable to load recent repeat by default on web page load
FIXED: Minor code errors
FIXED: Occasion lists no longer exhibiting events
FIXED: none repeating events no longer visible in calendars
FIXED: custom repeats buttons no longer working
FIXED: harmful timezone error Etc/GMT updated to original code
FIXED: shortcode compose widget errors

= 4.3 (2023-1-18) =
ADDED: pluggable filter evo_eventcard_box_html
ADDED: option in single event environment to override event color on single event web page
ADDED: Occasion edit squawk to load by skill of AJAX to saunter up web page load
ADDED: multi data form custom fields to appear in term original and edit pages
ADDED: repeating single event web page URLs to make stronger var/ri-recent and ri-final
ADDED: skill to disguise single event title on single event web page
ADDED: make stronger for goal and organizer values in schedule look
ADDED: make stronger for event disaster filter to honor filter relationship disaster
ADDED: reproduction event link button to social share alternatives
ADDED: make stronger for whatsapp share in social share alternatives
FIXED: lightbox scheme no longer loading with ux_val=3a
FIXED: accumulate route data box styles
FIXED: eventtop tags disguise no longer working
FIXED: UTC enabled event recent time calculations
FIXED: disguise past events recent time correction
FIXED: event organizer schema no longer loading
FIXED: event form color override no longer passing into lightbox events
FIXED: auto full events the use of fallacious cases for stipulations
FIXED: php compatibility with ux_val
FIXED: shortcode generator flashing on elementor edit web page
FIXED: Dwell now no events styling with clickable no events
UPDATED: removed smooth google scheme files no longer wished anymore
UPDATED: shortcode generator to load by skill of ajax on admin

= 4.2.2 (2022-11-3) = 
ADDED: pluggable filter evodata_taxonomy_terms to EVO_Event()->get_taxonomy_data 
ADDED: instagram, whatsapp, tiktok to organizer social hyperlinks
ADDED: Skill 4 extra date ranges to WP Inquire technique in settings
FIXED: organizer extra data to trek repeat interval
FIXED: organizer extra data without a deal without a longer exhibiting anything else in lightbox
FIXED: saving digital event settings no longer exhibiting confirmation message
FIXED: goal deal without a longer saving
FIXED: Place names with quotes no longer exhibiting in edit lightbox
FIXED: Place name over characterize no longer centered
FIXED: font honorable icons getting override by older variations
FIXED: widget voice characterize stretching
UPDATED: fontawesome version 6.2.0
UPDATED: made EVO_Event class public on event edit web page
UPDATED: Receive directions structure and originate
UPDATED: for on-line events, trek digital event link as LOCATION cost for ICS file

= 4.2.1 (2022-10-27) = 
ADDED: is_hook_active() for third phase webhooks
ADDED: Eventon settings class world get_event_edit_settings()
FIXED: minor fashion factors
FIXED: edit event web page no longer loading eventon_functions.js file
FIXED: eventon-core-functions.php on line 1898 error
FIXED: month-to-month repeat week of the month to repeat error
FIXED: missing learn extra translation
UPDATED: evo aspects styles minor

= 4.2 (2022-10-24) = 
ADDED: Recent font family as the default font face of eventON
ADDED: original color arrangement for calendar fonts
ADDED: separate particular person interaction form appropriate for cell users
ADDED: skill to link no events box to a link
ADDED: skill to change form of no events box
ADDED: Recent single event web page eventtop fashion - Immersive waft
ADDED: No events box appearance in settings
ADDED: JQ goal off goal to load google maps at any given level
ADDED: sorting and filter capabilities to standalone search box
ADDED: event filters enabled and worn indicator bubble/test mark
ADDED: Sure filter button to reset all goal filters to default
ADDED: hash make stronger for single event link to scroll articulate to event sections
ADDED: world ajax object
ADDED: organizer learn extra on event card to load in lightbox
ADDED: eventtop organizer details to load in lightbox
ADDED: skill to determine on extra than one organizers for an event
FIXED: settings missing file error
FIXED: eventtop designer top bar missing in settings
FIXED: dinky one template files no longer working
FIXED: event form archive template formatting
FIXED: download all events ICS timezone errors
FIXED: form bar open by default to price on form button
FIXED: search box enter key press no longer engaged on dynamically created search box
FIXED: same goal name and deal with to price just as soon as
FIXED: organizer archive web page link to organizer title
FIXED: error on admin edit event tax web page without characterize
FIXED: taxonomy pages to toddle articulate shortcode goal to manual sure of dear regex
UPDATED: backend UI styles
UPDATED: tiles with event factor below originate and structure
UPDATED: tiles look originate over all
UPDATED: a extra courageous filter originate
UPDATED: organizer bigger characterize
UPDATED: multi data kinds to use a world taxonomy class to establish and fetch data
UPDATED: related events structure originate
UPDATED: organizer and goal archive web page designs

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