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SaleStation Easy, Fleet & Fundamental Level of Sale – A particular person-marvelous interface that’s like a flash to be taught and simple to make exercise of, minimizing practicing time. Works seamlessly along with your reward or original hardware.

The whole lot it is obligatory to flee your store

Easy Invent

Easy level of sale cowl assemble with classes and 3 products grid kinds.
A few orders

Originate extra than one orders at same time, simply click the orders button to change or delivery original.

Keyboard shortcuts

Shorcuts for on the discipline of all the actions you retain in conjunction with signals, sales and reviews.

Rental keepings

Succor document of your return sales & purchases along with product damages and others.


Without advise configure the POS and space receipt header and footer messages as you’d like.


Tax & Totals document, sales and others with customization abolish to salvage desired document.


Succor be aware of all of your expenses, customers along with their clutch & price ancient past.

A few taxes & gift playing cards

A few taxes would possibly be assigned to products and/or orders, uncover payments by gift playing cards.

Delivery serving customers very rapidly

Delivery with one of the best & simplest pos solution very rapidly, install and import classes, setup objects, taxes, settings, import products with images then originate promoting. SaleStation has the arrangement in which to appreciate composition products and all the sales would possibly be added to the consumer balance. Payments are connected to customers and suppliers, so you don’t appreciate to trace price per sale.

Connect Google Force for database backups.

For white stamp version, please electronic mail make

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