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Astronomical up

  • Welcome to Astronomical up chat app basically the most total chat app in flutter!
  • SuperUp Cupertino Theme Corpulent Whatsapp chat Clone And Mongodb With Flutter
  • On this app we can peep the following ingredients
  • First, you would possibly test out our on-line documentation
  • GET 33% 99$ => 150$ prick value NOW for the initial liberate FROM 18 NOV 2023 to 18 DEC 2023



  • Are attempting the app Now! it readily in the market on 5 platform attributable to Flutter!



  1. Flutter for clint aspect final model or v 3.13.7
  2. Nodejs v17.9.1 or later in the backend aspect Nestjs
  3. socket-io for exact time administration
  4. mongodb for data storage v v 5.* or v 6.* most positive
  5. Some backend tech Bearer token JWT,ORM mongoose,
  6. agora-io for video and squawk calls
  7. All media saved on the server on your vps server
  8. Google Maps for share chat situation
  9. mailer for ship reset password OTP
  10. firebase-admin for push notifications
  11. geoip-lite and demand-ip for detect user country


  • This app nearly whatsapp clone will all positive aspects work like whatsapp exactly!
  • No Firebase is archaic most positive archaic for push notification, and that you can switch to OneSignal
  • Docker ready
  • Login And register by email and password
  • Reset password by ship code to user email
  • Receive share from varied apps (android,ios) works
  • Search in chats by usernames
  • Filter chats by unread chats
  • Make team chats
  • Make broadcast chats same as whatsapp
  • Unread chat for all chats and for each and every chat like whatsapp
  • [mute un mute notifications],[Delete],[Report] chats
  • Name history with call interval
  • reset password OTP by ship mail (It be critical to configure it invent backend .env.manufacturing)
  • File customers
  • Block Users from the app
  • All customers non-public no longer deleted his story and search on them
  • Settings tab (gentle mode,darkish mode)
  • Settings tab update story title ,Bio,image,password,delete my story
  • Star messages
  • Manage instrument online page (peep all app gadgets and logout for any individual)
  • Beef up for language 16 already integrated in the needs
  • Admin notification so admin can ship notification to all customers
  • Blocked customers online page
  • In app notification quiet for all chats
  • Relieve (contact us) and (privacy policy online page)
  • Check for update
  • Logout for the app
  • Community chat mentions
  • Nicknames wait on
  • Command and video calls using
  • Ship Textual squawk material, image, video, squawk squawk, documents, situation share
  • Corpulent wait on for offline chat even you ship message while the app has a inferior network it would resend
  • We wait on 4 kind for message put exactly like whatsapp (pending,ship,delivered, considered) all states work excellently
  • Final considered and team (total on-line, total participants count)
  • Soft squawk player wait on next play and tempo up the squawk player and more!
  • Ensures all positive aspects work on varied platforms, in conjunction with Android, iOS, web, macOS, and Windows.
  • Corpulent sync message between all platforms in exact time!!
  • FCM and OneSignal push notifications supported
  • Permits message forwarding to multiple rooms, replying with auto-highlight, sharing messages externally, message data
    monitoring, deletion for oneself and all receivers, media sharing from exterior apps, and more.
  • Delete and delete from all positive aspects in message
  • From admin panel you would possibly situation max restrict for team participants and broadcast and max forward,share message restrict,max media
    Upload dimension and more
  • Messages search
  • You would possibly per chance even ban customers from insist the app from an admin panel and more!!
  • You would possibly per chance even peep statistical analysis of messages and rooms and customers in an admin panel
  • Spruce UI/UX app clone from whatsapp for ios
  • Receive Media for all platforms
  • Admob adverts (banner) – Preserve watch over from Admin App
  • User Profile Look
  • Look for All Joined Users administration system for team chats customers,admins,superAdmins
  • An increasing selection of you would possibly seek for contained in the demo!
  • Max file code dimension is 400 all code is neat code can even furthermore be edit effortlessly!
  • More updates will be readily in the market quickly

FEATURES Admin (Apps)

  • Look for all customers with time of join and search of them
  • Look for the assortment of customers (deleted, on-line, and quite rather a lot of others…)
  • Look for more about all gadgets that insist the app
  • Messages and Chat Rooms counter and more
  • Look for all counties that uses your app and its number!
  • Ban and delete customers from admin panel
  • Look for all data about particular user
  • Ship notification to all customers who insist the app!
  • Preserve watch over Your chat app like allow calls or squawk adverts and more!
  • situation max restrict for a team of chat and broadcast also
  • there are more to appear for in the admin app give it try!
  • admin app is responsive you would possibly insist it even on mobile and generate apk or web for it!
  • 16 language wait on for admin also
  • More updates will be readily in the market quickly

Why to seize

  1. No Firebase high-model model!
  2. Self-deployment server that you can non-public beefy safe admission to to your database!
  3. Like a flash and stable with Node.js
  4. Beef up for android, ios,mac,windows,macOs integrated in the availability code with same model
  5. Beef up an admin panel integrated in the availability code with same model
  6. Beef up as a lot as 16 languages and more in next updates
  7. Corpulent customizable
  8. Spruce code with SOLD principles

after buying (codecanyou)

  • You are going to safe all data for flutter challenge (android,ios,web,macos,windows)
  • You are going to safe the flutter admin panel challenge
  • Postman assortment for all apis
  • Corpulent nestjs code which its backend code
  • Corpulent wait on for future updates
  • Free wait on for worm fixes most positive (there is paid wait on)
  • You would possibly per chance even insist this challenge to regulate and edit it wait to your Possibilities !


  • i non-public yet every other product in codecanyou you would possibly test it from




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  1. مرحبا صديقي، انا سعيد جدا انك مصري، لماذا لم تستخدم خدمة webRTC بدلا من اجورا، ايضا هل سيتم اضافة القصص؟

  2. purchased it and tried this out, this is by far the best flutter based chat app on the internet with source code, nice work hatemragap, code is clean and I already got it running on my android phone without any problem

  3. I’m delighted to hear that you’re satisfied with your purchase and have successfully implemented ,Best of luck with your project, and don’t hesitate to ask if you need any more assistance!


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