Webhooks Module for Worksuite SAAS

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Webhooks Module for Worksuite SAAS

Elaborate: Please order that the Module will not be a standalone product and is friendly effectively matched with Worksuite CRM model 5.3.54 or newer.

The Webhooks module for Worksuite introduces a characteristic enabling the exact-time alternate of info between Worksuite CRM and any carrier supporting webhooks. This opens up limitless prospects for automation and seamless communication.

Webhooks help as a technique for purposes to ship computerized messages or info to one one other. They are the mechanism by which varied companies and products, resembling Twilio for SMS and mobile phone name routing, WooCommerce for notifying about contemporary orders in Slack, or MailChimp for signing up customers from a web based diagram to a newsletter, characteristic.

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10 thoughts on “Webhooks Module for Worksuite SAAS”

  1. Wasn’t expecting this that soon.
    Seriously you are the best team, offering the best plug and play business suite. Congratulation on this release and can’t wait to get it in the universal bundle

  2. Please download the latest update of bundle. Webhooks is added.

    If you like it. Please go ahead give us a review.

    You can do that by going to your downloads section and selecting star

  3. Please update the bundle. Webhooks is not available to bundle. Also update the main app.

    Menu rearrangement is also done for project roadmap and e-invoice


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