Genius Smartly-known particular person (HTML5 Sport – Accomplish 3)

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Author: kokokAyamPrice: $299

The aim of the game “Genius Smartly-known particular person” is to strive to acquire the resolution to every of the 165,888 conceivable puzzles is to total the star the usage of eleven colored shapes, as soon as the seven ‘blockers’ had been positioned. There shall be instances where it seems no longer skill, but there is ALWAYS at the least one resolution… and that’s why it’s called The Genius Smartly-known particular person!

Roll seven dice and living the ‘blocker’ items into triangles that match the seven numbers that seem on their faces. Now speed your opponents to hang every other condominium on the grid the usage of 11 shapes.

When you’ve previously carried out the now legendary Genius Square, you’ll acquire The Genius Smartly-known particular person’s puzzles rather more tough!

There’s also an gorgeous original twist to every plan, within the make of ‘Gold Stars’. Will you play it stable and total a protracted-established steal, or will you flow for a double steal, by finishing the plan with the ‘Gold Smartly-known particular person’ intact? Handiest 57.4% of the puzzles if reality be told had a resolution with a ‘Gold Smartly-known particular person’ overall, so this modified into a gripping decision to create. You would prefer tempo of conception… and braveness of steel! There will seemingly be a webpage where it’s doubtless you’ll perchance also enter your coordinates and acquire out if the ‘Gold Smartly-known particular person’ could also additionally be completed in one piece!


  • 165.888 more levels
  • Contact mode, Plug and Fall
  • Ethical for all ages
  • Eazy to play
  • No external plugins
  • Might perchance most seemingly well also additionally be carried out on all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)

The aim of the game is to total the star the usage of eleven colored shapes, as soon as the seven ‘blockers’ had been positioned.

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