Xilancer – Freelancer Marketplace Platform with Services and products & Initiatives

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Welcome to Xilacner, your entire solution for building a dynamic and efficient freelance marketplace. Crafted with the highly effective Laravel framework, Xilacner is designed to cater to both freelancers and shoppers, making sure a seamless and productive journey for all customers. Whether you’ll most likely be aiming to delivery a full-scale freelance platform or a area of interest job posting house, Xilacner is your move-to different.

Xilancer - Multi-Vendor On demand Service Marketplace and Service Finder

Xilancer – Freelancer Marketplace Platform with Services & Projects

Following Top price Addon Included

  • Xilancer – main Script
  • Stay Chat Addon
  • Subscription Addon
  • Job Posting Addon
  • Wallet Addon
  • Personalized Train Addon
  • Milestone Essentially based Hiring Addon
  • 2FA Authentication Addon

Model: 1.0.0
Laravel 9x
Required PHP v8.1
Required Mysql v5.7

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Frontend Demo: Xilancer – Freelancer Marketplace Platform with Services and products & Initiatives

Well-organized Admin Demo: Well-organized Admin Login

Username super_admin

Password 12345678

Freelancer Dashboard Demo:
Demo Freelancer Login

Username freelancer

Password 12345678

Client Particular person Dashboard Demo:
Demo Client Login

Username shopper

Password 12345678


Terrifying-Put Inquire of of Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
Terrifying-Put Scripting (XSS) Prevention
Password Hashing
Heading off SQL Injection

Device Requirement

Device Requirement
Backend Framework: Constructed
on Laravel 9x
PHP Composer
Frontend Framework: Constructed on Bootstrap 4x
Requires PHP 8.1
Requires MySQL 5.7
Supports MySQL, Mysqli.

Xilancer – Freelancer Marketplace Platform Key Functions:

Stay Chat

Xilacner’s Stay Chat characteristic revolutionizes dialog in the freelance marketplace, enabling precise-time discussion between shoppers and freelancers. This interactive chat is more than appropriate a messaging instrument; it permits shoppers to say about project diminutive print, timelines, and expectations before ordering providers or hiring. Wanted to project success, the chat helps file sharing, facilitating the seamless exchange of documents and bettering project clarity. By fostering explain and effective dialog, this characteristic is instrumental in building belief, preventing misunderstandings, and making sure subtle project development.

Subscription Module

Xilacner introduces a dynamic subscription mannequin, empowering admins to elevate earnings while providing freelancers a tailored delivery. Each freelancer receives a free subscription thought upon registration, providing a job possibility of job utility connections. Admins can customize subscription forms and functions, taking into narrative various and adaptable plans. This mannequin no longer simplest drives earnings but additionally enriches the freelancer journey, making sure a vivid and appealing marketplace.

Job Posting Module

In Xilacner’s marketplace, the job posting process is designed with precision to cater to shoppers’ particular desires. Customers acquire the flexibility to detail their projects by atmosphere the wanted journey stage, desired talents, budget, and timeline. This entire skill ensures that every component of their necessities is communicated clearly. Moreover, Xilacner enhances the recruitment process with an lustrous matching machine. This characteristic suggests basically most certainly the greatest-matched candidates basically based on the criteria specified by the job post, simplifying the hiring process and making sure a noteworthy fit for the project. This tailored skill to job posting no longer simplest streamlines the hiring process but additionally seriously improves project outcomes.

Vendor Mission

Xilacner empowers sellers to showcase their journey by intention of the Vendor Mission characteristic, providing a peculiar manner to intention shoppers. Sellers acquire the flexibility to manufacture projects with three scramble plans, every varying in mark, timeline, and necessities. This structure permits sellers to cater to a huge range of shopper desires and preferences, providing functions that range from phenomenal to top price. Customers again from this diversity by having the flexibility to at the moment rent sellers basically based on the kit that nearly all effective suits their project scope and budget. This explain hiring process no longer simplest streamlines the engagement but additionally gives clarity and efficiency, making sure a subtle transaction and project initiation. The Vendor Mission characteristic thus stands as a testomony to Xilacner’s commitment to providing versatile and shopper-focused solutions.

Milestone-Essentially based Cost

Xilacner introduces a milestone-basically based price machine, providing a salvage and efficient manner for shoppers to compensate freelancers. This kind permits shoppers to crumple a project into particular milestones, every with its private role of deliverables and price terms. Cost for every milestone is held in escrow unless the shopper confirms that the milestone’s targets were met satisfactorily. As soon as confirmed, the machine releases the funds to the freelancer’s narrative. This implies no longer simplest ensures that freelancers are motivated to meet project targets, but additionally gives shoppers the boldness that funds are made simplest upon a success completion of agreed-upon projects. It’s a decide-decide: freelancers discover a transparent roadmap of what’s anticipated, and shoppers defend care for watch over over the project’s development and budget.

Mounted Ticket Hiring

Xilacner’s Mounted Ticket Hiring characteristic gives a easy and transparent manner to administer freelance projects. Customers role a transparent, predetermined mark for your full project, providing freelancers with valid compensation expectations. This mannequin simplifies budgeting for shoppers and permits freelancers to focal point on handing over high quality work within a outlined scope, making sure efficiency and clarity for both parties from the delivery.

Personalized Train

The Personalized Train characteristic in Xilacner enhances the shopper-freelancer interaction by allowing custom-made project discussions before any hiring takes place. This process ensures that shoppers absolutely bring their project necessities and expectations to freelancers. Following these discussions, freelancers acquire the opportunity to craft and send a tailored offer to the shopper, reflecting the agreed-upon scope and budget. This characteristic no longer simplest facilitates a closer working out of project desires but additionally enables the freelancer to propose basically the most correct and price-effective solution. It’s a collaborative skill that ends in additional correct project planning and pricing, making sure satisfaction for both shoppers and freelancers.

Withdraw Device

Xilacner simplifies earnings management with its efficient Withdraw Device. Freelancers can search data from payouts for his or her earnings, which are then reviewed and authorized by admins. This process ensures transparency and safety. Additionally, admins acquire the skill to customize payout methods by intention of the admin panel, accommodating varied price preferences and streamlining the transaction process for freelancers.


Xilacner’s Wallet characteristic enhances monetary transactions for both shoppers and freelancers. Customers can deposit funds for uncomplicated hiring or provider purchases, deciding on to pay from their pockets balance or at the moment by intention of the platform’s price systems. Freelancers survey their earnings automatically added to their pockets, which is in a position to be frail for withdrawals or to rob or renew subscriptions, providing a helpful, all-in-one monetary solution on the platform.

Refund Module

Xilacner’s refund machine is designed to present a salvage and shiny mechanism for resolving price disputes. Customers and freelancers can search data from refunds or price adjustments by reporting their issues to the admin. Upon receiving such requests, the admin will meticulously evaluate the case by intention of the admin panel. If a refund is deemed appropriate, the admin will facilitate the settlement, crediting the volume on to the person’s pockets. This admin-mediated process ensures that every refund requests are handled with diligence and equity, asserting the integrity and belief of the Xilacner platform.


Xilacner prioritizes a seamless and sure journey for all customers by incorporating a sturdy Document characteristic. This functionality permits both customers and shoppers to declare any elements or issues connected to their projects or job postings. Whether it’s a provider dispute, project mismanagement, or any other project, this characteristic gives an instantaneous channel to the admin group

Computerized Mission Submision Approval

Xilancer’s Computerized Mission Approval characteristic is a key instrument for script owners, providing the flexibility to customize and care for watch over project workflows. Admins can without misfortune role and adjust both the auto-approval functionality and the explicit timeframe for this motion. This ensures that projects care for inviting forward effectively, even in cases of shopper inactivity, and gives a streamlined, individual-centric journey within the Xilancer platform.

Aid Sign

Xilancer entails a Aid Sign Device to handle the desires and issues of its customers effectively. Both shoppers and freelancers can without misfortune manufacture give a snatch to tickets to say any complications or queries they’ve with the platform owner. This characteristic is integral to asserting a responsive and supportive atmosphere, making sure that elements are resolved promptly and effectively. It exemplifies Xilancer’s commitment to providing valid support and fostering a friendly and individual-capable platform.


Xilancer’s platform is geared up with an advanced Notification Device, designed to prefer care of all customers – admins, freelancers, and shoppers – informed about critical events. This methodology logs notifications for varied actions, including new orders, job postings, and pockets transactions. Each individual receives nicely timed updates relevant to their role and actions within the platform, making sure they care for connected and responsive to key trends. This characteristic enhances individual engagement and streamlines dialog, making Xilancer a more efficient and individual-capable marketplace

Admin Feature Permission Module

Xilancer functions an Admin Feature Permission Module, allowing main admins to manufacture particular roles and permissions for added administrators. This module gives the flexibility to account for varied phases of discover admission to and capabilities, tailoring every admin role to suit diversified operational desires within the platform. Whether it’s managing customers, overseeing transactions, or moderating sigh, this characteristic ensures that every admin has the agreeable stage of care for watch over and discover admission to. This structured skill to role delegation enhances platform safety and efficiency, making Xilancer’s management both effective and streamlined.

Blog Module

Xilancer’s Blog Module gives a platform for admins to glue with customers by intention of articles, updates, and insights. This characteristic enhances individual engagement, gives tutorial sigh, and helps neighborhood building. It’s also a treasured instrument for boosting web page positioning and riding online page visitors to the Xilancer platform, holding customers informed and engaged.

Facebook / Google Login

Xilancer simplifies individual discover admission to by integrating Facebook and Google login suggestions. This characteristic permits customers to with ease register the utilization of their existing Facebook or Google accounts, streamlining the login process and bettering individual journey. It’s a transient, salvage, and individual-capable manner to discover admission to the platform, lowering the bother of remembering a couple of passwords and keen less complicated onboarding.


Xilancer entails a entire FAQ (Recurrently Requested Questions) piece, designed to present customers with hasty and uncomplicated accessibility to special data. This piece addresses overall queries connected to platform utilization, providers, policies, and troubleshooting, providing an instantaneous helpful resource for individual give a snatch to and steering. The FAQ is a well-known instrument for making improvements to individual journey, lowering give a snatch to mark volume, and making sure that customers can salvage solutions to their questions effectively and autonomously.


Xilancer accommodates a Feedback characteristic, encouraging customers to share their experiences, suggestions, and issues. This instrument is key for gathering insights at the moment from customers, whether or no longer they’re shoppers or freelancers. It permits the platform to continuously fortify, adapt to individual desires, and toughen overall satisfaction. The Feedback characteristic demonstrates Xilancer’s commitment to being a individual-centric platform that values and acts upon the voices of its neighborhood.

Third Birthday celebration Scripts

Xilancer’s platform is geared up with the skill to mix Third-Birthday celebration Scripts, enabling admins to seamlessly incorporate tools relish Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and other scripts. This characteristic is wanted for making improvements to web house tracking, working out individual habits, and optimizing the positioning basically based on data-driven insights. Whether it’s for marketing functions, web house efficiency diagnosis, or bettering individual journey, the flexibility to add and organize these scripts at the moment from the admin panel makes Xilancer a more highly effective and versatile platform. It empowers admins with the tools wished for complicated web house management and strategic resolution-making.

️ Fade & Fall Page Builder

Xilancer comes with scramble & fall online page builder give a snatch to. That you would possibly per chance scramble & fall any any of our prebuild online page builder widget to manufacture your private online page. you acquire total care for watch over over the script house and pages

️ Fade & Fall Menu Builder

Xilancer comes with scramble & fall menu builder with mega menu give a snatch to. That you would possibly per chance scramble & fall any menu merchandise to quick it, Or intention it dropdown even as you happen to would relish. There has possibility to add mega menu and it’s also possible to moreover decide mega menu objects.

️ Fade & Fall Non-public Builder

Xilancer comes with a immense characteristic for your need is Fade & Fall Non-public Builder, it has text, quantity, electronic mail, decide, checkbox, textarea, file and heaps others fields. That you would possibly per chance without misfortune customise any originate of this script. Also it’s also possible to role is this self-discipline is required or no longer.

️ Fade & Fall Widget Builder

This Script comes with Widget Builder with 09 pre Made widget. That you would possibly per chance intention footer widget place along with your wished widget. it’s also possible to moreover suppose uncooked html for widget place, it’s also possible to show conceal newsletter widget otherwise it’s also possible to appropriate show conceal an declare right here. It’s as much as you, you acquire full care for watch over over it.

700+ Google Fonts

From admin panel it’s also possible to acess 700+ google font, it’s also possible to role any font for your web house physique or heading

Limitless Colour Scheme

From admin panel it’s also possible to alternate your total colours for the discover house

This script comes with GDPR Cookie. it’s also possible to alternate your total sigh from admin panel

E-newsletter Module

E-newsletter is an awfully suppose full manner to care for connected along with your audience and care for update your customer relating to your sigh, that’s why we acquire got approach up with the give a snatch to of newsletter with this script. it’s also possible to send mail to somebody from the admin panel or can send mail to all of your newsletter subscriber, we acquire got kept electronic mail take a look at possibility for all when ever somebody click on on subscribe originate they would per chance well discover and electronic mail to ascertain their electronic mail.

️ Personalized Js/CSS Module

That you would possibly per chance add your private JS/CSS code to the script frontend. it will abet if even as you happen to would relish to add any script code for tracking susch as facebook pixels.

️ Personalized Page With Fade & Fall Page Builder Aid

That you would possibly per chance intention any online page with this Dynamically for your need, you acquire full discover admission to to our Fade & Fall online page builder, it’s also possible to buil any component the utilization of it. it has 30+ custom-made widget to intention your life easy

and heaps more…

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