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Ajax search knowledgeable is the most easy dwell search engine plugin for WordPress. Extremely customizable, with many parts and choices, giving the most easy results seemingly! Change the WordPress search bar with a closer making an are attempting, more efficient search engine.

Buying for a closer WordPress search? Are attempting this search plugins parts, including checkbox, dropdown, radio button category filters and custom enviornment (post meta) filters as nicely.

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Shortcodes and widgets nicely matched with any builder, much like: Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, Visible Composer, Divi Page Builder, Gutenberg and others..

Ajax Search Professional can act as an Elementor Live Posts and Products widget filter. Building a custom results net page thru Elementor will seemingly be supported.

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Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 5

Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 7

Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 9

Ajax Search Professional for WordPress – A Live WordPress search and filter plugin

Ajax Search Professional for WordPress was designed to do away with the actual person search abilities to the utmost. It presents a dwell ajax search, which makes the wordpress search abilities more confortable.

The outcomes are presented with images (if any stumbled on), in train that they watch more gorgeous and never more flat. The search works with cell devices, let it be Android or IOS powered.

The search can override the default wordpress search results – so the ajax functionality is prolonged – substitute your default theme search with simplest a click on of a button.

The search can return posts, pages, any custom post forms (admire WooCommerce merchandise, BBPress boards, matters, replies), categories, custom taxonomy phrases (admire product categories, portfolio tags), users, BudddyPress groups and BuddyPress activities as results.

Browsing media attachments, including their speak will seemingly be seemingly – for PDF, CSV, TXT, RTF and Affirm of enterprise paperwork, Excel and Powerpoint recordsdata.

Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 10Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 11

Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 12

Greater than 60 colourful, completely customizable topics will set you time with the CSS hussle, so which that you just might level of curiosity more on the presentation.

Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 13

The backend presents a entire lot of choices for those, who take to customize the quest to the utmost. Many parts were implemented in accordance to buyer feedbacks,
and heaps more coming soon.

Live results net page loader script also incorporated – for more significant points, check out the Results net page dwell loader documentation.

Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 14

The plugin is up to this level regulary in accordance to buyer feedbacks and trojan horse studies. Each and each beef up ticket is answered inner 48 hours, in most cases in 12 hours (as opposed to for weekends).

Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 15

Extremely efficient Taxonomy and Personalized enviornment (post meta) search filters

The search parts an uncomplicated to make exhaust of go and tumble vogue taxonomy and custom enviornment filter builder. Checkbox, radio, choose dropdown, mutliselect and date filter forms are all supported.

Thoroughly intuitive editor for all significant and minor significant points – including ordering, chosen items, guardian-child relationships, structure modes and connection logics as nicely.

Over 400 assorted help-stop choices presents you the tool to maintain a completely functional and priceless wordpress search form on your net situation.

Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 16

Ajax Search Professional for WordPress parts


The search helps posts, pages and any form of custom post form.
WooCommerce, Jigoshop, wp-Ecommerce and heaps various plugins exhaust custom post forms – in train that they’re all nicely matched with Ajax Search Professional.


The plugin presents a customizable frontend settings interface for users. By ticking about a checkboxes the actual person can change the
behaviour of the plugin – admire purchasing for exact fits, including/excluding definite post forms, categories or custom taxonomies (admire product categories)


Four built-in layouts: Vertical, Horizontal, Polaroid and Isotopic.
60+ pre-outlined theme for every structure, including the ones on the demo net page.


Three assorted widget are equipped (most trendy searches, top searches and search box) and two shortcodes for every search. Shortcode buttons are also viewed on the post editor.


The search has built in libraries with extreme compatibility for image facing. They are able to parse thru speak, excerpt, custom fields
or lawful merely expose the featured image.


Employ the form of high decision, vectorized and colorizable svg icons or add your comprise in the occasion you’d take to.


You might maybe maybe presumably change the quest common sense to suit your wants. By default the plugin works with an OR common sense to give higher quantity of results. In case then you undoubtedly again need more strict results, that you just might change this with a click on. More recordsdata in the documentation search common sense piece.


Extremely adjustable image parser ensures to be conscious the most easy advantageous images in the outcomes. The plugin can scan the featured, speak, excerpt custom enviornment for images.


Originate and arrange category, impress and any taxonomy time frame filters. Checkboxes, tumble-downs and radio button layouts are all supported.


For a ways more refined structure that you just might manufacture custom enviornment filters, to give your users more advanded systems to slither making an are attempting your speak.


Having a multisite network? You might maybe maybe presumably choose which blogs you must embody in every particular particular person search occasion. You might maybe maybe presumably search a pair of blogs on the equivalent time.


An awfully configurabe relevance choices panel is equipped for those, who take to comely-tune their plugins. You might maybe maybe presumably switch to index desk search and manufacture indexes for loads more connected results.


Shortcodes and widgets nicely matched with any net page builder, much like: Elementor, WPBakery Page builder, Visible Composer, Divi Page Builder, Gutenberg and others.. The plugin also acts as a WPBakery Page builder and Gutenberg add-on as nicely.


No location on your situation for the quest widget? You might maybe maybe presumably conceal the quest bar until the actual person clicks on the magnifier icon.
Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 17


Google key phrase ideas and autocomplete is enabled by default. The ideas language is moody.


The search phrase might maybe maybe be highlighted in the outcomes listing. You might maybe maybe presumably change the shade of the highlighting as nicely.


Plugin version 4.5 introduces a original, index desk powered search engine. This engine is capable of indexing shortcode speak, for net sites built with composer plugins. It’s also a giant performance saver for prime traffic net sites.


Note the quest quiz performances with the uncomplicated, built in performance tracker. It would will enable you to optimize the quest ajax slump.


By enabling the quest statistics presents you an perception on which phrases are the most favorite on your net situation.


With a push of a button that you just might integrate google analytics to the quest, so the phrases will seemingly be conscious up as pageviews on your analytics dashboard.


For net sites with higher traffic caching is equipped to decrease the database queries and enlarge the quest performance.


Compatibility choices will provide you a transient repair interface in case something just isn’t any longer working properly.


The plugin will notice the quiz performances and give you a closer perception on your original setting adjustments.


Must make exhaust of a working search occasion on your assorted project? Export the quest settings and import them to your assorted situation. Easy as that.


The plugin recieves updates on a monthly foundation, many buyer requests and ideas had been fulfilled in the previous – in point of fact feel free to imply something


We are taking buyer beef up very severely. You might maybe maybe presumably ask of a answer inner 24 hours at some stage in workdays. To begin a beef up ticket, slither to this hyperlink.

Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 18


  • Will the plugin work with the * theme?
    Yes it will. The plugin is theme self ample.
  • Is it nicely matched with Elementor, Divi Page builder, WPBakery Page builder etc..?
    Yes it’s. The plugin shortcodes might maybe maybe be ragged at some stage in the corresponding net page builder factor.
  • Will it work on a multisite weblog?
    Yes it will.
  • Can it substitute my default theme search bar robotically?
    Yes it will! You might maybe maybe presumably choose which search occasion you must expose in location of the default theme search bar.
  • Can I search custom post forms, admire WooCommerce/Jigoshop merchandise?
    Yes that you just might!
  • Can I search buddypress groups/exercise-feed/users?
    Yes that you just might!
  • Can the plugin return categories or custom taxonomy phrases as results?
    Yes it will!
  • Will it work with greater databases, admire 25000+ recordsdata?
    Yes it will. The search slump simplest is dependent on your server slump.
  • Does it beef up net sites with RTL?
    Yes it does!
  • Will it expose images, that are no longer hosted on my server?
    Yes it will. In case of considerations, be taught this knowledge deplorable article.
  • Is beef up equipped, if that is the case where can I gain supported?
    Yes, this item is supported! Please be taught the documentation and the knowledge deplorable first. Many questions are answered there.
  • Can I search attachments and their contents on my server?
    Yes, indexing and making an are attempting out Textual speak, PDF, RTF, CSV, Affirm of enterprise docx, Excel and Powerpoint file contents is seemingly. More recordsdata in Attachment speak search documentation.

Test the paunchy changelog right here.

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.26.x (2023.03.15)

  • Predictive search results ideas
  • Google Label Supervisor (GTM, gtm.js) beef up for analytics integration
  • PDF results thumbnail generator with ImageMagick. Please check this knowledge deplorable for configuration.
  • Keyword highlighter – now works for the quest results net page too
  • Personalized enviornment filters – “differ inputs” filter form. Two numeric enter fields for be conscious etc
  • Live Filtering of Archive pages just isn’t any longer supported

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.20.x (2021.04.03)

  • PHP 8 Compatibility tests and fixes
  • Assessments for WordPress 5.8 compatibility – completely nicely matched
  • Solution to exclude password protected posts (both ordinary and index desk)
  • Staunch matching – Stout exact matching added (mathing a enviornment precisely, from begin to the stop
  • Autocomplete – trigger after N characters option
  • Toughen for Excel 5 (.xls) paperwork for the index desk parser

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.19 (2020.08.03)

  • Highlight search key phrase on the net page after clicking on the
  • Elementor dwell search – Now might maybe maybe be logged as a pageview in the google analytics tracker
  • Image parsing on multisite – now robotically tries to get the photos from across blogs on the outcomes net page

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.18 (2020.03.05)

  • Elementor Posts (any post form and result form) and Products widget dwell filter
  • Personalized results net page thru Elementor on any net page
  • Google Analytics rework – supporting match and pageview monitoring

Test the paunchy changelog right here.

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.17 (2019.11.04)

  • Detrimental key phrases meta box – Collectively with negative key phrases to posts when using the index desk engine
  • More incandescent image parser and more image choices for every speak form
  • Taxonomy filters – On Dad or mum->Child checkbox structures

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.16 (2019.06.20)

  • Filters API – including, weeding out and bettering entrance-stop filters thru code is now seemingly
  • JS API – Capabilities to check if the filters had been changed, and if the filters say is preliminary
  • PHP API – filters_changed, filters_initial quiz arguments added, to check if the quest arguments had been changed on the entrance stop

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.15 (2019.03.13)

  • Importing search choices from the Lite version
  • Results box width, margin and snap – floating results box can snap to the left, lawful or heart of the quest bar, as nicely as can have a custom width and margins.
  • Predominant and Secondary ordering fields for particular person results (including custom fields)
  • Option groups and a pair of values for Personalized Field dropdown filters

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.14 (2018.10.06)

  • Limitless scroll mode for the ‘Load more results’ function
  • Solution to explicitly disable isotopic structure navigation
  • More results loader icon added, when clicking on the more results hyperlink
  • Smoother scrolling with the scroll script

Test the paunchy changelog right here.

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.13 (2018.04.28)

  • Synonyms – It is seemingly to clarify synonyms, when using the index desk engine
  • Indexing media attachment contents: Textual speak, CSV, PDF, RTF, Observe, Excel and Powerpoint doc recordsdata speak indexing is now seemingly (synonyms also apply)
  • Live results loader function for the outcomes net page
  • PeepSo Teams and Neighborhood activities search
  • Slothful loader jQuery script for results images
  • Search button at some stage in the filters

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.12 (2018.02.23)

  • Priority Teams – Prioritizing results in accordance to taxonomy phrases and custom enviornment ideas is now seemingly
  • Improved floating results box behaviour for cell devices
  • Isotopic structure now helps percentage column width
  • A ‘Disable all fonts’ switch to the Compatibility choices submenu

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.11 (2017.08.02)

  • Conditional improved title and description fields
  • Developed title & description fields: WooCommerce ‘_price’, ‘_regular_price’, ‘_sale_price’ fields are robotically acknowledged and displayed formatted with forex
  • ACF get_field() compatibility switch to the Compatibility choices submenu
  • A ‘Disable all fonts’ switch to the Compatibility choices submenu
  • Repairs submenu: plugin resetting and wiping (paunchy uninstall) parts

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.10 (2017.02.11)

  • The plugin shortcode now works as a menu item (location into the menu title enviornment)
  • User search: excluding/including users is now seemingly
  • The index desk is now capable of indexing IFRAME contents
  • Visibility Detection option
  • Date selectors now beef up structure change

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.9.x (2016.08.18)

  • New category and taxonomy time frame filter choices
  • New grouping choices
  • Search box alignment option
  • User connected exclusions
  • Date custom enviornment filter now helps timestamp and MySQL datetime formats
  • Polylang compatibility
  • New topics: Spherical
  • ASP_Query wrapper class to make exhaust of as search API

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.8.0 (2016.02.22)

  • Put up date and custom enviornment (ACF) date filtering is now seemingly
  • Excluding for or including posts by date was added
  • It is seemingly to situation column count and width for entrance-stop settings boxes
  • The loader might maybe maybe be chosen to be displayed in the outcomes box as nicely
  • Auto-poulating search results on net page loading is now seemingly
  • Hiding the quest bar and showing filters simplest is now seemingly (filter simplest mode)
  • An ajax net page change detection script was implemented
  • Triggering empty search bar is supported (setting 0 persona triggering)

Test the paunchy changelog right here.

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.7.0 (2016.01.16)

  • Filtering by post tags is seemingly
  • It is seemingly to interchange the default theme search now
  • Override now returns any form of result
  • BuddyPress XProfile fields search
  • Keyword exceptions menu on Developed Alternatives
  • Isotope structure gutter between items is adjustable now
  • Backend Alternatives search added
  • Image Expose mode is now moody
  • Personalized enviornment filters with empty values are discarded now accurately

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.6.0 (2015.11.27)

  • Predominant, Secondary sorting option added
  • Conditional CSS loader script added (experimental)
  • More animation choices on Developed Alternatives panel
  • An adjustable background overlay for Compact mode (mounted structure)

Most up-to-date parts in version 4.5.x (2015.10.27)

  • A original function and engine: Index desk search engine
  • User search is now seemingly!
  • Attachment search is now seemingly!
  • Search text button was added
  • New key phrase ideas and autocomplete sources: taxonomy phrases and Personalized Put up Forms
  • WooCommerce time frame image integration
  • Hidden enter enviornment form for custom enviornment selectors
  • Exclusion of guardian-child pages is now seemingly
  • Added a Relief and Updates menu for more recordsdata
  • Dynamic strings are in point of fact translatable with WPML string translations
  • Update Notifications on the plugins menu (in beta)
  • Rerirection to the first matching result
  • Exhibiting result speak in context around the fundamental phrase

New parts in version 4.0 (2015.03.18)

  • WPBakery builder addon incorporated
  • New menu: Export/Import settings – that you just might export your total search cases, or particular particular person occasion settings
  • New menu: Performance Tracking – notice the quest performance on your dashboard
  • New Shortcode: Two column shortcode – A search and a result box next to every assorted
  • Compact Layout Mode – on mounted, absolute and static net page positions
    Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin - 19
  • Stout RTL beef up
  • More choices with Keyword ideas and Autocomplete (post titles, tags)
  • Result templating is now seemingly – every result form has it’s comprise template file
  • It is now seemingly to rename/replica search cases
  • Higher adjust over Javascript and CSS compatibility and measurement
  • Excluding for categories and phrases from category results is now seemingly
  • Vertical results now beef up computerized height and the image is surrounded with the description
  • Search might maybe maybe be brought about on a Aspect change (checkbox, slider, radio button…)
  • Individual result groups (phrases, posts, buddypress results, etc..) might maybe maybe be ordered now.
  • Results now might maybe maybe be redirected to a original browser tab
  • Demand Compatibility Alternatives – You might maybe maybe presumably comely tune the quest quiz to power software diploma Unicode and UTF8 searches

New parts in version 3.5 (2014.11.27)

  • Creating various fields (radio buttons, differ sliders, dropdowns) linked with custom fields (post meta) is now seemingly for the frontend settings…
  • …and now it’s seemingly to change the frontend settings structure from cruise location to block location…
  • …or location it to a custom location with a shortcode
  • Priorities settings had been added to the backend for controlling result priorities
  • The search is now nicely matched with the Developed Ajax Page Loader plugin

New parts from version 3.2! (2014.10.07)

  • It is seemingly to change the quest common sense now: OR, OR with exact words, AND, AND with exact words
  • Courses and taxonomies might maybe maybe be returned as results
  • In Outdated net explorer variations the quest falls help to the default wordpress search box

New parts from version 3.1! (2014.09.19)

  • The plugin can now override (substitute) the default WordPress search results on the outcomes net page!
  • BuddyPress beef up: Search in groups, users and activities
  • The ‘More results..’ and the default results URL is now customizable

Test the paunchy changelog right here.

New parts from version 3.0! (2014.08.04)

  • New latout form: Isotopic
  • 2 New theme groups: Underline and Easy
  • New retina prepared SVG icons
  • Smaller CSS recordsdata
  • Higher javascript compatibility
  • WPML beef up
  • Google Analytics Integration module
  • Contemporary backend
  • Scroll-to-results option
  • Keyboard navigation for vertical results
  • Quite lots of cases of search boxes are in point of fact seemingly
  • Higher preview
  • Shortcode buttons on the Put up editor
  • Higher image choices and image facing


  • 400+ seemingly choices on admin panel
  • 70+ pre-outlined completely customisable topics
  • Vertical / Horizontal / Polaroid and Isotopic styled results listing
  • Quite lots of search plugins on one net page – You might maybe maybe presumably configure all of them one at a time!
  • Google Keyword Suggestions on no results, witch a language selector
  • Responsive width
  • Search caching & image precaching for higher performace
  • Search in public custom fields is now seemingly!
  • 2 New widgets: Newest searched key phrases and High searched key phrases! – You might maybe maybe presumably setup a sidebar widget of the most trendy/top ragged key phrases and even trigger a search by clicking on them!
  • Results filtering by: categories, phrases, tags, custom fields, date
  • Search relevance choices with adjustable weight values
  • Retina prepared SVG icons
  • WPML beef up
  • Polylang beef up
  • qTranslate(x) beef up
  • Dynamic string translations thru Polylang or WPML string translations
  • .pot file incorporated for a completely translatable Admin Part
  • Google Analytics Integration module
  • Scroll-to-results option
  • Keyboard navigation for vertical results
  • Quite lots of cases of search boxes are in point of fact seemingly
  • Higher preview
  • Shortcode buttons on the Put up editor
  • Higher image choices and image facing
  • Hooks – Filters & Actions for developers
  • For the paunchy listing leer the changelog down below!
  • Search statistics net page
  • Default search text
  • Brilliant image parsing (seemingly from post featured image, post speak, post excerpt, seemingly to situation priorities as nicely)
  • Personalized Put up Forms beef up – You might maybe maybe presumably choose which post forms maintain you must slither making an are attempting! Examined with BBPress!
  • Font, shade, border, box shadow choices
  • Keyword Highlighting in search results
  • Works in templates and in post and pages as nicely
  • Search widget also incorporated
  • Preview window on the admin net page
  • Cell beef up
  • Frontend Search choices popup
  • Conceivable to slither making an are attempting in Posts, Pages and Products (WooCommerce, Jigoshop, WP-ecommerce etc..)
  • Image caching for bandwidth saving
  • Very uncomplicated installation and situation up
  • Extremely efficient api for controlling the quest from assorted frontend applications
  • jQuery powered, for the most easy seemingly compatibility
  • Characterize more results hyperlink below the quest box
  • WordPress 3.5+ compatibility!
  • Multisite beef up!
  • Search autocomplete with search statistics or google key phrases!
  • Error checking module
  • Shortcodes might maybe maybe be executed in search results
  • Search result speak HTML impress stripping is seemingly
  • Category selectors on the frontend – It’s seemingly to filter the posts by categories
  • You might maybe maybe presumably choose custom fields as post title and description
  • Put up grouping by category or post form!
  • Search in comments
  • It’s seemingly to exclude categories or posts from the quest!
  • Right, custom built jQuery for optimum compatibility
  • Shortcodes strippable/executable in results
  • Supports pages with categories/taxonomies
  • PeepSo Teams & Neighborhood activities search
  • Index desk search capabilities:
    • Indexing titles, speak, exceprt, authors, custom fields, categoires, tags etc…
    • Indexing shortcodes speak
  • Successfully matched with PODs – including indexing PODs custom desk meta fields
  • Successfully matched Developed Personalized Fields (ACF) plugin’s:
    • Textual speak enviornment
    • Textarea enviornment
    • Date enviornment
    • Number enviornment
    • Email enviornment
    • WYSIWYG editor enviornment

Index desk and Traditional search engine

As of version 4.5 the plugin presents index-desk search capabilities including:

  • Excessive performance key phrases index desk – lightning snappy with 100 000+ posts
  • Indexing titles, speak, excerpt, custom fields, creator, categories, tags, taxonomy phrases etc..
  • Indexing shortcode contents
  • Indexing IFRAME contents
  • A total lot configuration choices, to customize indexing for to your wants
  • Computerized and WP_Cron based indexing incorporated.

By default the plugin makes exhaust of the Traditional search engine, nevertheless that you just might change it anytime on the quest Traditional Alternatives net page.

Test the index desk engine piece of the documentation for more facts about the index desk engine.

Building roadmap and Beta Checking out

For transparency and more inner recordsdata, function requests and trojan horse studies that you just might seek recommendation from the Ajax Search Professional Building github repository. You might maybe maybe presumably even join our Slack channel to take a look at notifications about each day code adjustments.

Attain that you just might quiet be more enthusiastic and turn out to be a beta tester? Clear! All you need is to comprise out this form, and we are capable of evaluate your software

Are you a developer?

You don’t have to effort about touching the code and loosing your total adjustments with upgrades. The search is packed with hooks for the handiest gain admission to. Are attempting the pointers in the knowledge deplorable.
No frustration = sooner coding.

Ajax Search Pro changelog

Are attempting our assorted merchandise as nicely!

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