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Proper Affirm is a flexible text-to-speech plugin for WordPress. It supports all the famous text-to-speech products and companies in a single convenient $29 bundle.

It comes with a customizable audio player, a accurate dashboard to display screen the API calls to the text-to-speech products and companies, and heaps customization choices.

Supported Textual articulate to Speech Services

SpeechSynthesis (Web Speech API)

This option is for utilizing the text-to-speech functionalities incorporated by the browser without subscribing to a cloud carrier.

Technically, the text-to-speech conversion is performed utilizing the SpeechSynthesis interface of the Web Speech API. Now, speech synthesis has turn into a viable resolution for any production internet residing since all predominant browsers now enhance it.

The customization choices made on hand by SpeechSynthesis are on hand within the Proper Affirm plugin settings:

  • Language – With this selection, you perhaps can buy the language of the utterance.
  • Affirm – Purchase one among the voices on hand within the user’s browser.
  • Pitch – The pitch trace determines the perceived “highness” or “lowness” of the generated verbalize.
  • Rate – Purchase the price at which the utterance will salvage to be spoken.
  • Quantity – This determines the amount trace

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a cloud carrier that converts text into spoken audio that is half of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It supports a monumental collection of favorite (TTS) and neural (NTTS) voices for nearly any language.

In the Proper Affirm plugin, we incorporated all the mandatory choices to come by doubtlessly the most out of Amazon Polly. Particularly, it is miles possible so that you just can to configure:

  • AWS Place – The AWS build apart that you just grab to use.
  • Affirm ID – Purchase one among the a form of voices on hand in Amazon Polly.
  • Engine – Purchase between Traditional and Neural. We recommend utilizing the Neural engine to salvage doubtlessly the most pure and human-admire text-to-speech voices that you just perhaps can accept as true with of.
  • Language Code – Purchase one among the language codes supported by Amazon Polly.
  • Lexicon Names – Here, you perhaps can situation the lexicon names you grab to should always be conscious for the length of the synthesis.
  • Output Structure – You might bag a procedure to buy between mp3 or ogg_vorbis.
  • Sample Rate – Extra than one sample rates are on hand.
  • Textual articulate Form – Easy text or SSML are supported.

For more files, learn about the Amazon Polly choices here.

Google Textual articulate-to-Speech AI

Textual articulate-to-Speech AI is a carrier on hand in Google Cloud that converts text into pure-sounding speech utilizing an API powered by doubtlessly the most attention-grabbing of Google’s AI applied sciences.

This carrier supports a excessive quantity of voices and languages. Google categorizes the voices in accordance with the technology gentle to salvage them. Technical info on this are on hand here.

It’s easy to configure the audio generated by Google Textual articulate-to-Speech AI with the choices incorporated within the Proper Affirm settings:

  • Audio Encoding – This option permits you to got the encoding of the audio recordsdata.
  • Speking Rate – Here, you perhaps can buy the price at which the utterance is spoken.
  • Pitch – Purchase the relative highness or lowness of the verbalize.
  • Be triumphant in – The quantity make applied to produced audio.
  • Effects Profile ID – With this selection, you perhaps would perhaps be conscious specific audio profiles to the generated speech.
  • Language Code – Here, you perhaps can buy the language of the utterance.
  • Affirm Title – Exhaust this field to rob one among the a form of voices the carrier affords.

Azure Textual articulate to speech

Textual articulate to speech is a carrier on hand in Microsoft Azure that converts text to real looking speech.

This worthy carrier comes with a broad diversity of voices that you just perhaps can test within the verbalize gallery.

Let’s learn about the Azure Textual articulate to speech choices incorporated within the Proper Affirm plugin:

  • Place – Purchase the Azure build apart that simplest fits your needs.
  • User Agent – A personalised trace gentle to establish the requests performed by the Proper Affirm plugin to the cloud carrier.
  • Output Structure – The format whereby the audio recordsdata will salvage to be encoded. This option determines the fantastic and the build occupied by the generated audio recordsdata.


ElevenLabs is a instrument firm establishing pure-sounding speech synthesis and text-to-speech instrument utilizing artificial intelligence and deep studying.

This carrier can generate audio in just a few languages utilizing the next AI models.

In Proper Affirm, we incorporated these ElevenLabs choices:

  • Affirm ID – This option determines the verbalize to be gentle.
  • Optimize Streaming Latency – Exhaust this solution to optimize the generative course of of the AI.
  • Balance – Purchase how stable the verbalize is and the randomness between every generation.
  • Similarity Enhance – Optimize evidently, artifact-free voices or red meat up for speaker resemblance.
  • Model – Purchase the form of the verbalize.

Customise the audio player

We constructed a personalised HTML audio player that will moreover be customized by the user from the plugin settings.

You might bag a procedure to, as an illustration, configure the colors of all the parts displayed within the audio player and configure the typography of the audio player by environment a personalised font size, font style, font weight, line peak, and font family. You might bag a procedure to even load a personalised font family for the audio player from Google Fonts. We salvage also added the skill to construct a fall shadow and select its color.

Our customized audio player is also responsive. From the plugin choices, you perhaps can situation the responsive breakpoint gentle to interchange the player UI from desktop to cellular.

Display screen your API calls from a accurate dashboard

This Dashboard menu permits you to display screen the requests despatched by the plugin to the cloud products and companies gentle to generate the audio version of the articles.

Particularly, here you perhaps can:

  • Learn summary statistics admire the total quantity of requests and the quantity of characters despatched in a particular length.
  • Visualize the requests to the API in a line chart.
  • Browse the single API requests from a paginated desk. Here, it is possible you’ll perchance also bag the logged message returned by the cloud carrier.
  • Filter the info by deciding on a particular time interval or the regarded as text-to-speech converter.

Configure the plugin habits

For the Proper Affirm plugin, we constructed a settings menu with React that presently counts 65 customization choices. Here is what you perhaps can salvage from this menu.

Configure the post kinds where you grab to should always add the audio player

The plugin permits you to enable the audio player most attention-grabbing on specific post kinds. For instance, while you grab to should always add the text-to-speech audio player to your blog articles and exclude favorite pages, add “Posts” on this selector.

Add customized text sooner than or after the audio player

You might bag a procedure to optionally portray a personalised message sooner than or after the player. This message would perhaps moreover be gentle, as an illustration, to uncover the customer about the chance of paying attention to the audio version of the article.

List the spoken phrases

You might bag a procedure to optionally portray the phrases presently spoken by the player. List that this feature is on hand most attention-grabbing with the SpeechSynthesis audio player.

Extra audio articulate

Configure specific text that will salvage to be spoken sooner than or after the post’s articulate.

Learn the title

Automatically prepend the post’s title to the articulate that will salvage to be spoken.

Automatically generate the audio recordsdata

The plugin permits you to generate audio recordsdata that encompass the audio version of the post manually or automatically when the post is viewed on the earn residing’s entrance pause. You might bag a procedure to govern this habits with a accurate option.

Customise the capabilities

Configure who has come by admission to to specific plugin choices by environment customized WordPress capabilities. For instance, you perhaps can enable the editors to generate the audio recordsdata from the post editor, enable come by admission to to the dashboard with the statistics most attention-grabbing to the positioning administrator, and more.

Plugin e book

Please learn about the legit data contaminated for more files on putting in, updating, and utilizing the plugin.


21.11.2023 - v1.17
  - Hyperlinks to the CodeCanyon merchandise page and changelog salvage been added to the plugin assist-pause menus
21.11.2023 - v1.16
  - Preliminary release

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