Pixio – Ecommerce Sort Cell App Template ( Bootstrap + PWA )

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Introducing the “Pixio – Ecommerce Sort Cell App Template ( Bootstrap + PWA )” The establish Sort Meets Performance!

Revolutionize your mobile initiatives with the cutting-edge “Pixio – Ecommerce Sort Cell App Template ( Bootstrap + PWA ). Are you dreaming of making the next substantial thing on this planet of Ecommerce? Empower your customers, boost your sales, and preserve ahead in the dynamic world of online vogue retail.

Unleash the Vitality:
Harness the vitality of PWA and Bootstrap with pixio, a worthy and widely-frequent framework, to fabricate a Ecommerce and varied mobile application that designed to raise your mobile endeavors to novel heights.

Pioneering PWA Functionality:
Being ready with our PWA ready template. Seamlessly integrate your creation into customers’ dwelling shows, offering a top rate app-bask in experience that sets you apart.

Class Meets Ease:
Craft distinctive particular person interfaces with ease, due to the reusable parts and an particular particular person-suitable code structure. Simply portion collectively your vision by seamlessly copying and pasting blocks to raise your dream pages to life in mere minutes.

Dark and Light Mode:
Dive into a international of visible excellence with each and each truthful gentle and spell binding dark mode alternatives. Particular person’s preferences are catered to, ensuring they always experience an interface that resonates with their type.

A Symphony of Plan:
Embark on a poke of limitless probabilities with our complete array of parts, every fastidiously curated to raise your particular person experience:

Complete Documentation and Stellar Abet:
Welcome to our world-class template ecosystem, where excellence in toughen and documentation is at the center of everything we attain. Our dedicated toughen team is committed to making sure your experience with our templates And our particular person-suitable documentation is designed with your wants in solutions.

Particular person-suitable Interface:
The pixio gives an intuitive and visually full of life build, ensuring a gratifying particular person experience to your app’s customers.

Dive into the realm of “pixio” Unleash innovation, captivate customers, and forge a mobile experience that leaves a lengthy lasting impression. Your poke to mobile excellence begins now.

Key Aspects

  • Bootstrap 5 Backbone: Powered by Bootstrap 5, our template is the epitome of responsive build and seamless particular person interaction.
  • PWA at Its Core: Immerse your customers in the realm of Innovative Web Functions, where your creation becomes an integral half of their digital lives.
  • 50+ Plan for Limitless Creativity: Embody never-ending probabilities with our rich sequence of over 100 parts, every crafted to raise your particular person experience.
  • 30+ Pages for Every Need: Whatever your venture demands, our template delivers. With over 50+ pages at your disposal, you’re geared up to triumph over any narrate.
  • Effortless Node Equipment Management: Seamlessly position up your dependencies with Node Equipment Supervisor, streamlining your pattern poke.
  • SCSS for Standard Versatility: Dive into the world of standard build with SCSS, allowing you to construct spell binding visuals with ease.
  • Neat Dark Mode: Embody class and flexibility with Dark Mode, giving customers the different to experience your creation in a complete novel gentle.
  • Subsequent-gen CSS & HTML5: Manufacture with primarily the most modern in CSS and HTML5 applied sciences, ensuring compatibility with contemporary devices and browsers.
  • Header and Footer Magic: Take customers with types of header and footer menu alternatives, offering intuitive navigation and easy fetch entry to.
  • Enhanced Sidebar Journey: Cater to various layouts with sidebar alternatives, optimizing particular person interaction.
  • Alerts, Toasts & More: Elevate particular person interaction with dynamic signals, toasts, and automatic online/offline detection.
  • Dynamic Create Plan: Uncover a unfold of originate parts, including autocomplete, range enter, and more, making improvements to particular person engagement.
  • Accordion & Timeline: Fresh data elegantly with accordion-type teach material and dynamic timelines.
  • Lightgallery : Showcase your visible teach material standard with an Lightgallery.
  • Malicious program-Free Assurance: Journey a seamless particular person poke with our rigorously tested and debugged code.
  • Injurious-Browser Compatibility: Be confident in reaching customers one day of varied browsers with our steadfast depraved-browser toughen.
  • Language Picker: Offer a multilingual experience with a language picker that adapts to various audiences.
  • OTP Pages for Enhanced Security: Elevate security with dedicated OTP pages, catering to multifactor authentication wants.
  • Particular person Profile Empowerment: Enable customers to personalize their experience with dedicated particular person profile pages.
  • Authentication Excellence: Elevate particular person have confidence with thoughtfully designed authentication pages.
  • Google Fonts Integration: Infuse your creation with Google Fonts, making improvements to typographic class and range.
  • Easy Customization, Complete Management: Tailor your experience without disaster with easy customization alternatives that grant you full adjust.
  • W3Validation HTML: Elevate your web presence by validating HTML info for impeccable code advantageous, seamless efficiency, and improved search engine advertising rankings.
  • Impeccable Code Quality: Our codebase is characterized by cleanliness and 100% validation, ensuring steadiness and reliability.

Assemble a price on the digital world with our “Pixio – Ecommerce Sort Cell App Template ( Bootstrap + PWA )”. Elevate your digital experiences, captivate your target audience, and build excellence that stands the test of time. Your vision, powered by our template, awaits its masterpiece.

Template Aspects

  • HTML Files
  • Authentication shows
  • Light & Dark format
  • Sidebar Menu
  • Innovative Web Application (PWA)
  • Swiper Slider
  • SASS Pleasant
  • jQuery Incorporated
  • Bootstrap 5
  • 30+ Interior Pages
  • FontAwesome
  • Feather Icon
  • Flaticon (UI Icons)
  • search engine advertising Optimized
  • Easy Coded
  • Versatile Layout
  • High Sail Performance
  • Correct Documentation
  • Injurious Browser Compatibility
  • Rapidly Helps
  • All Files are Effectively Commented
  • Free Google Web Fonts

Whats Incorporated

  • Authentication mask

    • SplashScreen
    • Welcome
    • SignIn
    • SignUp
    • Forgot Password
    • OTP Verify
    • Commerce Password
  • Functions mask

    • Index/Home Camouflage mask
    • Wishlist Camouflage mask
    • My Cart Camouflage mask
    • Category Camouflage mask
    • Profile Camouflage mask
    • Edit Profile Camouflage mask
    • Search Camouflage mask
    • Notification Camouflage mask
    • Chat Record Camouflage mask
    • Chat Camouflage mask
    • Products Camouflage mask
    • Products Record Camouflage mask
    • Products Filters
    • Product Detail
    • Checkout Camouflage mask
    • Cost Camouflage mask
    • Add_Delivery_Address Camouflage mask
    • Delivery_Address Camouflage mask
    • Add Card
    • My_Order_ongoing
    • My_Order_Completed
    • Notice Elaborate
    • Write Review
  • Chat Camouflage mask

    • Chat Record
    • Chat
  • UI Plan

    • Accordion
    • Alert
    • Avatar
    • Badge
    • Breadcrumb
    • Button
    • Button Neighborhood
    • Card
    • Enter
    • Dropdown
    • Give design
    • Radio Button
    • Timeline
    • Social
    • Record community
    • Modal
    • Tabs
    • Swap
    • Divider
    • Stepper
    • Offcanvas
    • Pagination
    • Placeholder
    • growth
    • Scrollspy
    • Spinners
    • Toasts
    • Typography
    • LightGallery


  • ‘Jost’, sans-serif


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Commerce Log

v1.0 – 22 November 2023

Contemporary - Created & Add Pixio

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