1920s Ladies folks/Ladies/Flappers Model Prints, 76 High-Quality Photos, Traditional Clipart, PNG, 600 dpi

Author: amontereyblairPrice: $8

In this pack of 1920s Ladies, you are going to procure 76 high fine PNG files to be used in scrapbooking, illustration, card-making, and further! They are scanned at 600 dpi, yielding colossal files ideal for both printing and digital manipulation. This pack involves 24 unheard of vintage females done in a watercolor and ink vogue. Every file is accessible in three diversifications including the authentic watercolor and ink, unprejudiced the inked lineart, and a pre-made sticky label with a white border. All of these files indulge in exactly decrease edges so as that they layer wisely to boot to gape staunch over both gentle and dismal backgrounds. To boot to, the file comes with three pre-made tileable 6” x 6” patterns ideal for printing as scrapbook paper and one 8 1/2” by 11” stationery template.

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